I’ve had a pee but then a cup of tea so what gives? Decided I like my scales today. If they keep doing this day after day even when I eat as much crap as I did yesterday then I may just keep them around. I’ve considered throwing them in the bin many a time.

And before someone tells me, I know it’s crazy to weigh yourself every day. I know that weight fluctuates wildly from day-to-day depending on a million things like water retention, what time of day it is, what you’ve eaten/drank, whether you’ve been to the toilet and emptied out and if you’re a woman, where you are in your menstrual cycle. Back when I weighed about 110 a dietitian once told me that at my size my weight could fluctuate by up to 2kgs when I’m pre-menstrual. Don’t know how true it is really but I assume he knew what he was talking about.

Anyway my point was, don’t worry I’m not one of these scale obsessed people who’s going to weigh myself every day and freak out if I see a 100g gain. The only weight’s I’m going to pay any attention to are the weekly ones. Daily weights are just a pretty cool blog post titles. Well at least I think so.

First day of holiday’s today! WOOT No more work until Jan 3rd 🙂 Now I get to stay at home and do housework instead. But I also get to spend time with , my favourite little boy on the planet. Can’t wait to see his face Christmas morning.

I had a lovely little Summer Solstice celebration last night with my sister and a couple of other lovely ladies. Sent all of my negativity up in smoke. Here’s hoping the universe was listening. I am feeling quite positive about things today. Mind over matter? Perhaps. But I’ll take the placebo effect. Whatever gets the job done right?

Have a wonderful day everyone. I’m going to get off my arse, do some housework and try to have a better day than yesterday.


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