WTH? Anywho………….the silly season is upon us. Christmas drinks here last night for D’s work and today will be spent cleaning up and preparing for Christmas Day! Is it crazy to want to have clean sheets on everyone’s beds and a pristine house to go to sleep in on Christmas Eve?

I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to see Master H’s face light up when he opens his presents!! Miss V (16) bargained with me earlier in the year to have my Nikon D90 for her early birthday and Christmas present. I was ready to upgrade anyway so I relented and she was ecstatic however it’s a bit sad all round that she doesn’t get to open any presents tomorrow. She’ll get bits and pieces in her stocking of course but it’s not the same.

We do have one slight hiccup going to happen today when we have to shatter Miss V’s world after discovering yesterday mountain of lies that have been told recently. No doubt she’ll still hate us tomorrow but that life when you’re parenting teens. Should make things interesting. It wouldn’t be Christmas would it without some kind of family drama going down. It will be the first time in years that myself and my brother and sister have all been together. So I plan to get hideously drunk, eat too much food and be altogether far too merry. Let’s not pretend otherwise, there’s not point.

I just realised this post might seem a bit confusing to anyone who read my first post about having my only child when I was 30. To clarify, I also have 3 step-kids who live with us and I have been parenting as my own for the last 9 years. So even though I  gave birth for the first time 4 years ago, in reality I’ve been a  mother much longer than that.

Best get back to the washing, one set of sheets down , two to go. I can’t promise a post tomorrow, unless I get cheeky and decide to impart some of my drunken wisdom on you all. Otherwise, I’ll be back once celebrations are over with a little more commitment.

Wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas!


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