146.3 Thank-you Christmas!

So it’s all over for another year and although I tried and failed and now know beyond a doubt that I could never love the Kindle we had a lovely day. The look on Master H’s face when he exclaimed “Mum, Christmas is the best day EVER!” was enough to make up for all the crappy presents in the world.

The food was insane. You already know about the breakfast spread, suffice to say the rest of the day tried hard to live up to its reputation. Despite eating until I was going to burst I still managed to consume enough alcohol to make me regret it for the better part of Boxing Day.

The afternoon and night were filled with family fun and banter. We had a few good friends over and a couple of Christmas orphans. We ate , drank, swam, danced and fell asleep in the early hours of the morning sated. The next day however, was one of cricket and refreshing swims and not wanting to think about food.

Yesterday there came a belated Christmas miracle of  sorts! About 18 mths ago we started some renovations. We installed a  brand new kitchen, built a big ass deck for entertaining and moved one of the lounge room walls outward to give us more space. I’ve been waiting for the painting to happen ever since. D and I were at a bit of a stalemate about it. He insisted I could  do it since I’d painted all of the bedrooms a couple of years beforehand  and I was adamant that we would wait until we could pay a professional. As hard as I tried I still made a bit of a mess in the bedrooms and there was no way I wanted to rest of the house to look like that. Not that it was really terrible just that I’m a bit of a perfectionist and didn’t want to be sitting in the lounge looking at all the faults day in day out. Eventually we came to a compromise. D who had always maintained that he would NEVER pick up a paint brush, agreed to help to save paying someone. So yesterday we bit the bullet and undercoated. I did the majority of the work. All of the brush work in the joins and most of the rolling but I left the cutting in up to D. He took on the challenge with gusto! At first anyway. After it took him about 1/2 and hour to cut in around one set of glass sliding doors he was ready to ask for professional help. Ha WINNING! At least they’ll have to whole house done in a day or two and I won’t have to look at the mess for weeks on end while we do it bit by bit!

For every poor sucker who had to go back to work today, I’m sorry. For those like me who have the rest of the week off, enjoy every minute of it. I plan to use it to catch up on all those little jobs that I don’t get time for during the work week. It’s OK to Spring clean in the summer right?

Oh in other news, there’s a cyclone heading out way, so tomorrow may be kind of windy :O. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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