145.9 Still Wearing the Lace

And this morning it feels better. I’m feeling more empowered again. Still sick of this yo-yo of emotions. It could be a hormonal thing. Who know’s? I don’t keep track of that stuff anymore. I’m not having any more babies so why bother? Although considering the way I felt yesterday I’m assuming my period can’t be far away.

Got woken up by the most awesome storm this morning. Thunder and lightening that felt like it was right outside my bedroom window. Mother nature at her finest.I loooooove a good storm! So the day is gloomy but I refuse to let my mood be. I’m enjoying my morning cup of tea and struggling with deciding what to have for breakfast. I think I’ll go and do some housework first and then decide. Today is a day for rainy day activities with my little man. There’ll be Wii action for sure and maybe some cooking. My little chef loves to cook and I do have some smoked salmon in the fridge that needs to be used. I’m sure we can come up with some kind of fabulous lunch creation.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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