145.6 I’m Calling it a Loss

Not a huge loss but a loss none the less, if I compare it to this time last week. Tomorrow’s tale may be a little different. Can everyone say Carb Coma? That’s what I’ve got to look forward to after tonight’s beer and pizza extravaganza. Homemade beer and homemade pizza. Beer from grain, handmade dough cooked in a woodfired backyard oven. It’d be hard for anyone to resist right? (btw, this space bar is shitting me to tears. You can’t tell that I have to slam it down between every word because…………well because I do! But that doesn’t stop it from , driving me mad!) Sorry about that where was I? Oh yeah, the carb coma. It’s-a-comin’ I can feel it in my waters.

New years eve tomorrow! Here’s to resolutions and all that crap. I plan to be back before the year is out but just in case I’m not. Hope everyone has a great time and gets up to as much mischief as possible. Afterall that’s what it’s all about.


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