146.3 Back to work tomorrow

Ahh, so the holiday is over . I spent today cleaning, making the passionfruit cheesecake I’ve been promising D I’d make since we picked the passionfruit last week. So yeah, that’s going to be great to have in the fridge for the next week (insert sarcasm clause here).

Seriously though, I feel refreshed, we went swimming with the littlest man and this afternoon made salami, which thankfully after seeing the entire process and having to stare at wet cows intestines for an hour makes me want to vomit so there’s no chance I’ll be eating the once it’s cured. I think the smell is burned into my sinuses for ever after.

Of course I’m not looking forward to going back to work. Lots of challenges lie ahead for the new year both professional and personal. Today I set myself a personal challenge of not drinking a drop of alcohol for one whole month. That’s going to take some willpower.

I’m off to make a dinner menu for the rest of the week to help me stay on track. Don’t know what’s wrong with the scales today :/

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