145.something Because wii Fit Won’t Tell Me

So if anyone does know how to see you’re exact weight on wii Fit please let me know.

From that it’s pretty obvious that I wii Fitted (is that even a term?) today. I used to go to my sister’s house many moons ago and Wii Fit with her but I finally have my own balance board thanks to a super fit friend of mine who was going to give hers to goodwill. ‘Excuse me, excuse ME!” I said, “I’ll have that thank-you very much!” So I took it and now it’s mine all mine! Too many exclamations in one paragraph? Oh well! I like ’em! lol

Where was I. Right so, I did 34 minutes of wii Fit this afternoon after work. I made myself do it when I felt like crap and of course now I feel better. I’ve been pretty good foodwise today too. I did relent and have a small piece of that evil passionfruit cheesecake in my fridge when I got home from work which of course made me feel even more like crap, but for the rest of the day I was and angel 🙂

Now I have steak and salad on the menu for dinner. Something quick and easy since it’s a work day. I am going to roast the Cherry Tomatoes to make them even yummier *licks lips*

I’m thinking I might have to ditch the daily weight in the title idea since I probably shouldn’t weight myself on two different devices all day and if I commit to do it on the Wii Fit I’ll be forced to at least turn it on every day which in turn will make me feel guilty if I don’t exercise so it should be a win win situation!

Had a productive first day back at work but am cursing the boss for coming to work with the flu. She’d better keep her germs to herself. I can not afford to be all sick and lazy right now.


p.s No alcohol today YAY ME!

2 thoughts on “145.something Because wii Fit Won’t Tell Me

  1. I too have a wii fit, but haven’t used it for about 2 years now, after reading your post you’ve reminded me it is sitting in my house somewhere collecting dust! ha! I’m gonna track it down and try and get back into it. Can’t remember how to weigh on it though.

    Fingers crossed your bosses germs stay well and truly away from you!!
    Have a good rest of the week and weekend 🙂

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