145.something – Just Keep Swimming

After a few really good days in a row, I’m pretty disappointed with myself today. I gave into my bread craving and made toast and also had a piece of that bloody cheesecake. If D doesn’t eat the rest of it tonight I’m going to throw it in the bin tomorrow. So now I feel like crap despite the fact that I’ve had a pretty active morning – Bike ride to my sister’s house with Master H, then rode to the park and came home and had a swim. I will wii Fit this afternoon but my stomach feels bloated and I feel like crap. Just gotta push through it and keep swimming. It’s time like these that are the easiest to give up. Once you fall, it’s very easy to stay defeated but I refuse to do that to myself this time.

I was watching a show called My Naked Secret earlier that showed a woman who was disgusted with the excess skin on her body after weight loss. I know that if i achieve my goal I’ll have the same problem and it freaks me out!I guess I’ll cross that bridge if and when I come to it. In the mean time I’ll just keep plugging along and try as hard as I can. It’s all I can ask of myself.




3 thoughts on “145.something – Just Keep Swimming

  1. Don’t fret too much about the excess skin. I’ve read about this and you’re right it doesn’t sound nice, however, i’ve also read, if you maintain slow but steady weight loss the excess skin should not be an issue, as your skin should retract as the weight falls away. Do a google search on it, it may but your fears to rest. 🙂
    Hang in there chick 🙂

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