21 Days

Someone once told me it takes 21 days to form a habit. In the exercise department I’m at 5 days and going strong. It’s not that hard and since I’ve always been fairly active it’s really nothing that new. Just a matter of committing to a certain amount of activity each day. Food is a whole different story. It’ll be a miracle if i can ever make 21days of eating right without a slip up. It’s the way it’s always been, I’ll go great guns for a couple of days then fall in a heap. Take last night for example. We went to a BBQ for my brother-in-law’s birthday. I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol (yay me!) didn’t snack but when dinner was layed out on the table the soft scotch bread roll and potato bake were just staring me in the face screaming at me to try them and I caved. And they were so so good. The heaping green salad on my plate did nothing to make up for it and I felt guilty with every bite so why the hell did I keep eating it? Every mouthful was on my conscience so what spastic part of my brain allows me to keep putting bite after bite in my mouth? Am I fucking insane?Seriously, why is it so fucking hard??????? How on earth am I supposed to break 34 years of bad habits?

At least I’m picking myself back up again and not letting it defeat me. I should have posted yesterday with a joyous 144.something title and a wii Fit age of 28! Today’s body test has me up by 600g and I didn’t even bother to check my age. So here I sit, hovering at 145.something ready to try again tomorrow. I think I need a vision board or at the very least a 21 day chart on my fridge. In fact i think I’ll make one right now.


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