About 144.5 actually but 144.awesome sounded much better for a title don’t ya think.

Had a great day today. Rocked it with the food all day long, day 6 of Wii Fit commitment and going strong and still no alcoholic beverages! To top it off we had my favourite fish for dinner, Mangrove Jack, caught fresh on yesterday’s fishing trip. Scrumdidliumptious!!!!!!! We had a great trip out in the boat yesterday. The Jack was the first fish in the boat (caught by D) then I reeled in a nice Cod and a Grunter and D caught a fingermark. 4 fantastic eating fish and with that we headed home. Little H was a bit devo that he didn’t catch anything. Better luck next time little man 🙂 Here’s a couple of pics.

The Jack

and me and my Cod

All in all it’s been a pretty productive weekend. Despite how I felt about myself yesterday, we had a successful fishing trip, today I spent three hours cleaning culling and rearranging master J’s room so it’s sparkling for when he gets home in a couple of weeks and even managed to play a couple of hours of Wii with D and H on top of my fitness stuff this afternoon.

Here’s hoping this continues throughout the week.


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