143.something. Keep On Keeping On

Sorry for being MIA the past few days, I’ve had a terrible ear ache and haven’t felt up to anything much. Sucks because I really wanted to complete my 21 consecutive days of exercise but yesterday I just couldn’t do it. I also ate wheat products yesterday for the first time in over a week and decided to join weight watchers online. Until now I haven’t really been following any particular diet, just eating healthier and cutting down on carbs, basically living gluten-free and it’s surprising how easy it’s been. I’ll forgive myself for having a bit of a relapse yesterday it’s what prompted me to follow a more formal diet plan and tracking system. I’ve had success with WW before under the old points system but this new pro-points stuff is a lot more detailed. Hopefully it’ll give the same results though, plus they even have an iPhone app so I can track no matter where I go.

I still haven’t given in to the alcohol temptation and I’m determined to stick it out until the month is through.

Hope everyone in cyberspace is having a better weekend than me.


2 thoughts on “143.something. Keep On Keeping On

  1. Hi, I just found you through Random Reasonings. I just restarted at Weight Watchers two weeks ago – January! 🙂 I have two posts about it (so far) Eating My Words and You Give a Little and You Take a Little if you are looking for more to read on the topic.

    I always am which is the real reason I’m leaving this comment, I’d like to follow your blog (sadly my goal weight is 146.7 which I’m guessing is your starting weight), but I can’t follow blogs unless there is a follow widget in the sidebar (the button on top never works for me). I hope you’ll put one in. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for visiting 🙂 I’m really enjoying WW at the moment and I’m sure with the right amount of encouragement and support anyone can do it. You do realise I’m talking about kg’s not lbs when I say 146.7 right? It’s going to be a long journey but I’m determined to get there. Good luck on your journey. I don’t know how to put one of those follow widgets on but when I figure it out I will.

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