Mid Week Madness

Just had a little mid week spending spree. Three pretty tops from City Chic online. Love that store! I always go crazy when I’m there in person and now that I’ve discovered their online store I’m more than a little concerned about money matters. After preaching to everyone else that we can’t afford to lashout this month because of school fees I’ve gone and spent $400 on clothes in the last week. Shit. I am proud to announce however that two pairs of pants were a legitimate need because…………..drumroll please……………after only 5.something kg’s my work pants are driving me nuts. They feel fine when I first put them on but after walking around in them for a couple of hours I’m pulling them back up every couple of minutes *happydance*

I snuck in a midweek weigh in after my workout this morning too. Even though I’ve been on track all week I didn’t feel like I was getting any lighter so I couldn’t resist checking. Let me shout it fromthe rooftops -1.1kgs folks. Yep that’s right, officially less than 1kg to go until I’m at my first goal of 140kg. That puts me right back where I was before my foot surgery a year ago.

So let me break it down for ya. My short term goals are:

140kg (about 308lbs or so the online converter tells me) the weight I was when I had my surgery

138kgs the weight I was when I gave birth to H

137.something ( I can’t remember exactly what) which is my  5% goal

130kgs the weight I was when I fell pregnant

126kgs the weight I was when H was a couple of months old

125kgs about the weight I was when I met D

and then there’sthe long haul down to 100kg which at this point is my ultimate goal and according to Dukan, my true weight. I’m not even going to consider looking past there at the moment. Right now I would be deleriously happy to be 100kgs. I haven’t weighed that since I finished high school.I guess there’s always time to reassess when I get there.

For now I’ll just look forward to getting my new clothes in the post, perfectly aware that I’m on the verge of swapping a food addiction for a shopping one. I’m pretty sure shopping is the lesser of two evils. If I spend all my money on clothes I won’t be able to affored to eat anyway to the weight loss will happen. ha! Jokes people calm down. Ahhhh, anyway…off to aerobics in the morning for the first time in a couple of months. I may die. Wish me luck.

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