Another 1.2kgs this week. Crazy shit! And I’m kinda surprised because I felt like I had a pretty shitty week. I had three exerciseless days. I was sick on Tuesday and home alone feeling sorry for myself and fell straight back into old habits and managed to consume an entire packet of Oreos (which in case you’re wondering is worth 21 points)and then I just felt even shittier knowing I only had 5 points left come dinner time. Bloody hell. I also used up all my weekly bonus points on alcohol on Friday night but danced and danced and danced and hopefully burned up most of the alcohol points with movement. My poor body felt it the next day that’s for sure. See I do this thing when I’m really really drunk, and it’s how I know that I’m really really drunk. You know when you’re drinking and dancing and having a great time and everyone’s doing their thing on the dance floor and busting out their best moves? Well I don’t have awesome dance moves to show off. I have calisthenics. Yep, I can still do the splits every which way and back bends/bridges from standing. I used to bring out the hand stands and cartwheels too until I hurt my knees too many time with drunken uncoordination. Yes people when the calisthenics come out I know it’s time to go home. I did have a fantastic night though and needless to say I stood on the scales with great trepidation this morning. Love being pleasantly surprised.

Weight watchers tells me when I updated my weight this morning that I’m losing weight too fast and need to slow down. How do I do that? I think I’m being pretty sensible about the whole thing. I’m certainly not perfect. I stay within my points. I usually  end up using my entire points bonus by the end of the week and I’m not exercising like a crazy woman so what am I supposed to do to slow it down? I think it will slow itself down soon enough. I’m happy with the way things are going and I know there will inevitably be a week when I don’t lose anything or God forbid actually gain weight. I’m just hoping that packet of Oreo’s doesn’t catch up with me next week because I’m right  on track to meet my next goal. If the scale dips below 138 next Sunday I’ll do a little victory dance 🙂

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I’m off to do the housework I was supposed to do yesterday, I’m sure there’s eleventy billion loads of washing waiting for me since I didn’t do any yesterday. There are far too many clothes and towels in this house. I think I’m just going to make everyone walk around naked from now on to save on washing.

I’ll leave you with that vision…………Until next time xo


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