138.9 – The Dreaded First Gain

It was bound to happen I guess. I’ve been doing so well for so long and I actually expected it this week since my period was due yesterday. I exercised my arse off last week to try to combat the premenstrual weight gain but obviously it wasn’t enough. And now I don’t have my period anyway, so what’s the deal with that? I fit doesn’t arrive it means my cycle is still out of whack and I wasn’t premenstrual at all which means I’ve got no excuse. Just because I expected it doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with.

I did use up all of my points last week and even swapped out my exercise points on Friday when I ate a hideous amount of bread. I NEVER swap exercise points. The plan says you’re supposed to be able to but I’ve always though it kind of defeats the purpose  and obviously it does. I tried, on a week when I was weak and I won’t be making that mistake again.

I did feel proud of myself for all the exercise I did. My week looked like this:

  •  Sunday – 1/2hr Biggest Loser Wii Game
  • Monday – rest day (well not really rest, but no official exercise because Monday’s are a crazy busy day for me)
  • Tuesday- 20mins resistance training and 1/2hr Biggest Loser Wii game
  • Wednesday – 1hr Pump class
  • Thursday – 1hr Zumba toning class
  • Friday – 1hr Aerobics class
  • Sat – 1hr Biggest Loser Wii game

And still I end up +300g.WTF? I blame it one the bread. Bloody stupid fucking carbs. I’m henceforth banning myself from all wheat products. Potatoes I can resist. Pasta? meh, take it or leave it most days. But bread,  I fucking love bread and last week I tried to reintroduce it in moderation of course and look what happened. It looks like cold turkey is the only way.

Oh and now my back is so sore I can barely reach around to wipe my own arse. Not really conducive to maintaining the exercise routine I wanted. Ho hum. I shall do what I can and see what happens on weigh in day.


3 thoughts on “138.9 – The Dreaded First Gain

      1. I battle my weight all the time. I think the answer is to change our eating habits and accept it has to be that way. I’m not there. But you are doing great and hormones may screw you up for a week but next week will be better.

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