Breaking the Co-dependence

Last night I bit the bullet and went to Zumba all by myself. Maybe this doesn’t seem like a big deal for some people but it is to me. Even though I’d been for the past two weeks, when my friend called me last night to say she couldn’t make it, my first thought was ‘shit, I really need to go tonight’. And even though I felt that way, I considered staying at home. Then I rang three other friends to see if they could come. Of course they couldn’t, and then I felt sick. Go by myself or stay home? My major dilemma for the day. In the end I obviously slapped myself out of my stupidness sucked it up and went. And it wasn’t so scary after all. I still don’t like rocking up at exercise classes alone but I know now that I will do it. In fact I’ll even go to aerobics by myself this morning to prove it.


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