Day 2

Consisted of –

  • Driving the hour to Cairns for an optometrist appt. (I’m not blind yay!) and also not officially old because if I was old then I’d definitely need glasses right?
  • Wandering aimlessly around the shopping centre for a while.
  • Driving to Spotlight to try and find some flannelette fabric to make Master 5 some PJ pants. But all they had was plain and very babyish prints. Never feat, they will be getting a larger variety in closer to winter. Since winter is only a week away, they’d better get their act together.
  • Successful trip to Bunnings! Got some vege seedlings for my garden!
  • 1 Hr drive home
  • Lunch!
  • Pick Master5 up from school, drop Master16 off to work, come home have 1/2 hr down time , organise dinner, pick Master16 up from work, dinner bath bedtime story yada yada yada

And here we are 🙂 Exciting reading isn’t it?

Ho hum. I did stay within my WW points and even managed a coffee and cream cheese bagel for breakfast!

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