It’s 6am and I have a Beanie and slippers on. Most unusual in this part of the world. I’m sure at this temperature all the southern fold would be stripping off and jumping into the pool, laughing at us all rugged up for winter. Hey, us poor sensitive QLD people aren’t used to these bone chilling temperatures!

Anywho- I forgot to mention in my post the other day that before 2013 epic 10kg weight loss adventure I’d actually creeped up to 149. That’s kg’s not lbs. I felt the need to mention that since the entire title of this blog is now a little misleading. Sad but true.

The past few days have been going well. It’s made a lot easier by the fact that my oldest step son is eating gluten and dairy free (as suggested by the doctor) to see if it has an impact on his terrible acne. I feel so bad for him. His face looks so painful and terrible and it seems there’s nothing he can do but wait for his body and hormones to sort themselves out. . He’s been doing the GF/ DF green thing for a month now and while it does appear to have improved a little bit,  it’s certainly not the result he was hoping for. He’s even tried Pro-Active which despite all the claims, had limited effect 😦  Despite that, him following this diet has made it kinda fun for me to find new recipes for tasty and healthy dinners that are both gluten and dairy free. And anyone who knows me know I like a challenge (except when it comes to weight loss of course).  Aside from that, my general approach right now is to eat minimal processed/starchy carbs. I’m not doing any extreme no carb thing or cutting out sugar entirely but drastically reducing both of those things.  Actual sugar doesn’t bother me much since I prefer savoury foods over sweet. I don’t have sugar in my tea and I have one coffee a day with one teaspoon of sugar. Not gonna kill me. Carbs are my killer. And I’m feeling better already. When I first tried this approach last year I remember having terrible headaches after the first few days and feeling lethargic and crappy. I can only assume it was a withdrawal process? But after two weeks I stopped craving carbs and felt great. This time around after only a couple of days, I feel healthier and more energetic all round. Is it possible that I’ll avoid all that this time? Here’s hoping.

By the way, I refuse to get on the scales until at least Monday. By then they should have a happy story to tell. I’m off for now. Lots and lots of cleaning to do today. We’re trying to sell our house and we have someone coming to look at it tomorrow. Gotta make it look it’s best. Wish me luck 🙂

cover photoAnyone want to buy it?

Chicken Soup is a Breakfast Food

This time around the merry-go-round, I’m struggling with breakfast. In the past it’s been easy. I’ve just scrambled myself up and egg with some veges but for some reason the thought of scrambled egg turns my stomach at the moment. Another go to has been some plain Greek Yoghurt with some trail mix and a dash of honey mixed in which is really nice but..meh..I just don’t feel like it. So on Saturday night I made an awesomely delicious chicken and vegetable soup for dinner. Since the kids didn’t quite appreciate it as much as I did, there were lots of leftovers so why not eat it for breakfast? Packed with nutritional goodness it can only be a good thing right? I’d better not get sick any time soon. 

Day 1 Take 293848483020929281812882

Or that’s what it feels like. Let me catch you up on me. Still fighting the battle. Still losing. Lost 10kg towards the back end of last year woot!
Ahh the eveil 10kg jinx. It seems to be my undoing. 10kg yeah! Let’s celebrate for a few days! I will get back onto it tomorrow. Tomorrow comes – I will get back onto it tomorrow – no maybe the next day….. You get the picture. Ahh and so it goes, the never ending circle that is my battle towards a healthy lifestyle.

So since that 10kg loss I have gained back approx 6kg putting me currently at approx 144.8kg and feeling like shit. If only I could hate myself at this size, maybe I could make myself stick to it. But like I’ve said before, for me it’s not about the looks or the self confidence. I’ve always had that in spades (well maybe not the looks but the confidence at least). The difference is I actually feel unhealthy. All the extra eight coupled with getting older makes me feel like I could drop dead at any minute.

The rate at which a person gains and then loses fitness is phenomenal. Just a few short months ago a felt fantastic. Fast forward a few months of being pretty stagnant and it’s a distant memory.

So this day one I’m not doing it for me. Oooh controversial isn’t it. Don’t all the rule books say you have to do it for yourself? Isn’t that supposed to be all part of the road to empowerment? I don’t think so. I’ve tried doing it for me. Numerous times and it hasn’t gotten me very far. Today my son is my biggest motivation. See I might not care what I look like but I’d be heartbroken if I ever heard kids teasing him because because his Mum is fat. He’s 6, and I know he’s aware of it. He come up to me before and told me I’m not fat so I’m sure someone has already said something.

Let us see…..I make no promises, I’m not that naive. But I do have hope. Maybe that’s enough.