129.9 Today’s the Day

Today’s the day I made it to under 130!!!! It only took 8 years but I’ve officially lost all my baby weight (plus all the extra I’d put on in the years that ensued 🙂 It’s a scary thing because I no longer have any life milestone goals to reach. I don’t recall any particular point in time when I was under 130. In fact I think I pretty much stopped standing on scales between 100 and 130 or if I did I certainly don’t remember it. Plan of attack currently is to take it in 5kg increments and reward myself with little things along the way. Right now I desperately need my hair done but I’m going to hold off until I reach that magical 125 number then go all out.

Today’s also the day I make the postponement of my surgery official. I have a dietician’s appointment today and he’s expecting this to be a 3weeks before surgery appointment to go over the liquid stage for the first two weeks after surgery. I’m actually kind of nervous to tell him I’ve changed my mind but eager to put a plan of attack in place to transition off the Optishit and back onto a clean eating regime without screwing up my metabolism in the process. I’ve been doing it myself for the past few days but want to make sure I have it right and would like to stay in ketosis if possible. This fat burning thing is the bomb and life is good.

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