127.2 (GRRR) If You’re The Praying Kind, Please Pray For My Dog


This is my super sweet girl Hattie. She was missing when I got home from work yesterday. I looked everywhere for her to no avail. This morning I found her in the yard paralysed. I have no idea how but she had managed to drag herself from wherever she was to somewhere I could see her. I knew the symptoms because I’ve seen them before. Diagnosis, paralysis tick 😦 I rushed her to the vet at 6.30am where they gave her a less than 50% chance of survival. She was going OK when I last checked a few hours ago and I’m waiting on them to call me with another update but even though she’s doing well, they normally go downhill in the first 24 hours after the tick has been removed so we’re not out of the woods yet. After the fight it must have taken to drag herself up the hill I hope she has the strength to pull through, so if you’re the praying kind, please say a little prayer for my Hattie. I will be devastated if she doesn’t recover.

Despite all this and my frustration at still being 127.2 ( I blame the Maltesers), I still managed to drag my ass out of the house to exercise today. Of course I didn’t feel like going through with my original plan but I knew that sitting around moping wasn’t going to help Hattie and it would only make me feel like shit.  So off I went to walk the Red Arrow which of course on minimal sleep and no breakfast nearly killed me but I felt bloody awesome when I was done. Even took myself to buy some much deserved (and needed) new underwear.

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