126.65 She Made It Through The Night

But she’s not out of the woods yet. Even though she’s hanging in there, her condition has declined a bit. They generally do get worse before they get better but Hattie doesn’t have much more to give. She’s really dehydrated so the vet wants to slowly give her some fluids to try and help her a bit. The danger in that is that in her current state there’s a big risk of her getting fluid on her lungs 😦 I’m hoping against all hope there’s a smidgen of positive news when I get my update this afternoon.

On the weight loss side of things GO ME! Here have a sweaty selfie to celebrate.


This was right after I stepped off the treadmill this morning. Not sure if I’m smiling because I’m done or because I made myself do it in the first place. It’s hard to keep going while I feel so sad. So an extra pat on the back to me for not giving up.

After my Red Arrow walk yesterday, I was expecting my quads and calves to be killing me today but they’re not!  After the last time they were sore for days, and while I definitely know they’re there, It’s certainly not an issue this time around. So even though I didn’t feel like the walk itself was any easier than the first time my body has recovered much faster.

Signing off to anxiously await the next update from the vet.

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