123.45 Yeah Baby!

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Let me just say I did not think this possible a few days ago. Rewind to Friday when we got back from the beach. Things didn’t quite go according to plan. I did stick to my ‘only going to drink on three of the days’ rule. Food was going well until I was hung over when I went at a bowl of pasta like a woman possessed. And exercise? Was going great for one day until I twisted my knee which may or may not have been the result of falling over a log on the beach while intoxicated. So yeah, plan pretty much failed and I was terrified to step on the scales when I got home. But step on the scales I did and unfortunately they confirmed my suspicions – 126.6 – the result of a lazy week that included half a bottle of vodka, two bottles of wine, the odd sneaky Bailey’s in my coffee, a bowl of pasta, two sandwiches, two Anzac biscuits, taco’s for dinner one night, home made pies another and probably some increased portion sizes. Insane!

So how the hell did I manage to lose 3kg in three days? All I can put it down to is carb bloat. It’s insane what carbs can do. I got back literally 1.5kg’s heavier than when I left. And after two days of clean eating and one treadmill session, it’s gone and taken some more with it. Being my first real slump since I’ve started this journey, I am absolutely amazed by the effect just a few short days of letting loose can have. Not to mention the craving. OMG the cravings! Those bloody carbs take hold and don’t want to let go. But as disgusted with myself as I was when I got home, now that I’m back on track I find it more interesting than anything so see how my body reacted.

Tell me again how many servings of grains I should be eating per day?

Sugar free/grain free for life!

Well until the next time I decide to remind myself why I don’t eat them.

The picture above is one I took of the view from our hut every morning. Definitely worth waking up for. Enjoy 🙂

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