126.1 It’s Not What You Think

So once again it’s been a while and yes I’m back up a few kgs and yes I’ve had a curve ball thrown my way but I am not defeated. Approximately 32 weeks ago, this happened:


See what happens when you go and get all healthy? We were shocked to say the least and yes there were tears. Another baby was definitely not in our life plan and it might have taken a while to adjust but I can honestly say that I now just feel truly blessed. I know the struggle of infertility. It took a vasectomy reversal and two years of trying to fall pregnant with my son 9 years ago. I remember the heartache of wanting a baby so desperately and feeling like it was never going to happen. Never in a million years did I think I’d experience the flip side of the coin. But here I am 32 + 4 and counting down the days til we meet our new little boy and I can’t wait. Of course there’s the whole birth thing that has to happen that I’m trying not to think about and of course the sleepless nights and years of hard work ahead but right now the all the right hormones have kicked in and I’m filled with love and excited anticipation.

The stats: I started this pregnancy at 122.3 and this morning weighed in at 126.1kg. When I first found out I was devastated at the prospect of putting on weight and undoing all of my hard work. I know I should have aimed to continue to lose weight within myself throughout my pregnancy but realistically when you’re dealing with 20 weeks of content nausea and all you can stomach is carbs on carbs on toast….carbs it is. So I started this pregnancy journey with a goal of gaining no more than 8kgs and with just over 7 weeks to go I’m pretty happy with where I’m at. I’d like to say I’ve continued to exercise and do all this right things but if I’m honest it’s mostly down to good luck because I’ve eaten my fair share of cake. I’ve still been seeing my dietician to stay accountable which I think has helped because even though I feel like I’ve been eating terribly, I know it’s nowhere near as bad as it could have been if I had have just thrown in the towel and let myself go.

So there you have it. The last 7 months in a  nutshell. Looking forward to the future with our new family member and continuing on my journey to better health.

Until next time…………….x