Can’t think of anything else to say but yay!

Truth is I ate too much yesterday. I don’t k so why, I was just really hungry. I wasn’t particularly active or anything so I’ve come up with 2 possible reasons

a) My period is imminent. And we all know how this can make us feel girls. I’m lucky I had the willpower to withstand burying my head in a tub of ice cream 🍦

b) Yesterday was the first day in a week I didn’t drink and exogenous ketones. I ran out of my sample and am waiting on more to arrive so I can continue the experiment.


Anyway, as luck would have it the scale still seems to be moving in the right direction and I’m planning a little pamper session for when I get under 120kg.

Here’s a throwback to two nights ago when I didn’t eat too much and dinner was delicious 😋

121.1 Small Victories

Despite feeling pretty ordinary the last few days I’ve managed to keep on track. I even managed to survive the cake and pizza night for my son’s 10th birthday with nothing more than a lick of a finger after cutting the cake. That one night was my biggest challenge so far this time around. I wasn’t hungry or physically craving the food, it was head I had to battle and I’m so happy I won. It’s funny though, I stepped on the scales yesterday morning convinced I wasn’t going to like what I saw. Convinced that licking that sweet sugary cream off my fingers was going to have undone all my hard work. Ludicrous of course, my I thought it anyway. I was annoyed at myself because I should have been able to resist but also a little bit proud that I didn’t go all in and eat pizza and cake. Usually sick+tired+pre-menstrual is a recipe for disaster.

Now I know that there will come a time when I’ll have a few glasses of wine ( I feel it coming soon) or eat something I shouldn’t and that’s ok as long as it doesn’t become a regular thing. It just scares me because the minute it enters my system my body grabs ahold of it like a long lost friend and starts begging for more. And usually before I know it, it becomes ‘tomorrow I’ll start again’ then ‘tomorrow I’ll start again’ and so on and so on. Ketosis is a delicate state. It doesn’t take much to disrupt it. For the past few days I’ve actually been trialling supplementing with exogenous Ketones. There are a lot of people out there who claim a lot of amazing things but what I am hoping to get out of them is a little more energy, a little clearer focus and mostly I love that they will put ketones into my body and hopefully kill the craving before it happens if I do slip up.

It’s still an experiment in progress. I’ll keep you posted on what I think. Meanwhile, here is a progress photo because often times I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see and need reminding of how far I’ve come.

121.6 A Milestone

It's been a long day but I'm still going. With a teething toddler, a sinus infection doing it's damnedest to take control and my big boys last game of football the year to tonight I'm ready for the day to be over so I can start fresh tomorrow.

I couldn't go to bed though without sharing with you that today's weight marks my lowest ever entry into My Fitness Pal!! 😊 Now that's something to be celebrated. This sugar free almond milk and coconut oil hot chocolate is helping me do just that. And setting the scene for a good night sleep (I hope).

I also shared the recipe for this amazing Keto Quiche on my Keto Kylie FB page today. Pop on over if you want the recipe and Nutritional info.

And with that folks, I'm out. Hope you've had a fabulous Friday x

121.95 Seriously

Ok I know this can't keep going but after a bit of a plateau for a couple of weeks the weight just seems to be melting off at moment. I don't normally weigh myself so often but I could feel the change so just had to.

I think it's because I have been unintentionally intermittent fasting. Honestly the first couple of days were because I was crazy busy and skipped breakfast because I had to be out of the house before I would normally eat and didn't end up eating til lunch time. After that I thought I'd try and keep it up for a bit. I'd read about intermittent fasting and though I might as well give it a go to see if I could jump start things again and umm yeah, it appears to have worked.

Not saying it's for everyone. Do your research and make up your own mind. At the moment my diet consists of LCHF whole food eating around 7000kj a day so certainly not going hungry.

Loving myself silly right about now.

Adding a photo of last nights dinner at the top because posts with pics are always nicer 😊

123.4 Hello Old Lover

Long time no see. Let's cut to the chase. On the 8th of June 2016 this little miracle came into the world

Since he was born I've lost the baby weight twice. Once by chance (hello utter exhaustion and breast feeding) and once by choice. Now I'm almost there for the 3rd time and feeling really passionate about it for the first time in a long time. So yeah, I thought it was time to grace the blogging world with my presence once again (you do realise that was sarcasm right?)

What am I doing to lose weight? More of the same. Just following a low carb whole food approach. I really haven't done much intentional exercise so far this time. Despite feeling much healthier and clear headed I've been burning the candle at both ends and still find myself lacking in energy a bit. Chasing around after a toddler all day tends to take it's toll. Anyways, it will come. I've actually got a little something coming in the mail that will hopefully help with that. Stay tuned.

I'll leave you with this little gem I whipped up yesterday. I've seen a few variations of this recipe floating around the interwebs. This is mine. Bear in mind of you're tracking kj's it quite kj dense so really is a treat. Otherwise go for it.