121.95 Seriously

Ok I know this can't keep going but after a bit of a plateau for a couple of weeks the weight just seems to be melting off at moment. I don't normally weigh myself so often but I could feel the change so just had to.

I think it's because I have been unintentionally intermittent fasting. Honestly the first couple of days were because I was crazy busy and skipped breakfast because I had to be out of the house before I would normally eat and didn't end up eating til lunch time. After that I thought I'd try and keep it up for a bit. I'd read about intermittent fasting and though I might as well give it a go to see if I could jump start things again and umm yeah, it appears to have worked.

Not saying it's for everyone. Do your research and make up your own mind. At the moment my diet consists of LCHF whole food eating around 7000kj a day so certainly not going hungry.

Loving myself silly right about now.

Adding a photo of last nights dinner at the top because posts with pics are always nicer 😊

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