100.66 Batwings Galore

It’s really nerve wracking putting this out there but this is reality. Extreme weight loss, no matter how you get there has it’s downside. Some people fair better than others in the excess skin department but my bat wings are something else aren’t they? Funny thing is before the weight loss I didn’t have a problem showing off my fat arms in public but now I’m super paranoid about it. I think I see a double brachioplasty in my future.

Some days I feel amazing and some days I feel like I look amazing and other days things like this are all I can see and it’s hard to listen to people tell me how good I look when I know what’s hidden underneath. I’ve been working hard on accepting compliments with a simple thank you and resisting the urge add some self deprecating remark afterwards but it is hard.

I want to be proud. I am proud and I want to shout it from the rooftops. I’ve lost almost 50 fucking kg’s (over 100lbs) without surgery or pills or any kind of help and I have every right to love myself a little bit for it. Yet, there’s that nagging voice inside that tells me not to be too confident, ‘don’t be too proud’ , ‘don’t love yourself too much’, ‘no one will like you if you’re too happy with yourself’.

Hopefully one day I just won’t care.

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