I originally discovered the Keto lifestyle because I was considering weight loss surgery. The doctor wanted me to do the Optifast program to lose some weight before surgery. Long story short, after a couple of weeks of that I realised I could do it myself and eat real food so I cancelled the surgery.

Three years, a baby and a few ups and downs later, I have lost over 60kg and am loving this lifestyle more than ever.

It’s scary putting myself out there but this blog is to help me stay accountable and if it helps someone else who is struggling with their weight or who is considering this way of eating, then everyone’s a winner.

 I’m not here to preach to you. It might not be for everyone but it works for me.  All I can say is don’t knock it til you’ve tried it and run your own race.

4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Oh my gosh – your “about” is hilarious (very tempted to steal it, but I won’t not – primarily – because stealing is bad, but rather because no one who knows me would believe I came up with this on my on anyways)

    Very curious about the rest of your blog now, but I got so hooked by this that i had to comment before moving on

    Pretty sure, you’ve got a new follower on your hands, Lady

    🙂 K.

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